Ostracised, yet young animal lover risks all to rescue animals

MALAYSIANS KINI | Malaccan Norashikin Ahmad, 24, has been rescuing dogs and cats since 2014.
  Annabelle Lee

How a self-taught historian learnt the past through headstones

MALAYSIANS KINI | A chat with an elder led school dropout Lee Eng Kew to be a historian and folklorist, recognised locally and abroad.
  Kow Gah Chie

Ballerina loses sight, but gains new vision through her foundation

MALAYSIANS KINI | Survivor of a rare genetic disease, Foong is building a foundation to empower fellow sufferers to extend their own lives.
  Annabelle Lee

Retired army officer relives hostage memories to inspire others

MALAYSIANS KINI | Despite the trauma, Ganase Jaganathan gives talks on his days as a captive in Sierra Leone.
  Harith Najmuddin

Doctor bids to destigmatise mental illness

MALAYSIANS KINI | Dr Chua Sook Ning forms NGO to bring this issue to the mainstream.
  Geraldine Tong

Transgender models make more than a fashion statement

MALAYSIANS KINI | A socially-conscious brand seeks out transgender models to send a message of empowerment.
  Alyaa Azhar

Meet the Mah Meri women breaking Orang Asli stereotypes

MALAYSIANS KINI | They have never met an educated Orang Asli, although there are many of us, says Diana Uju.
  Harith Najmuddin & Zikri Kamarulzaman

Passion in combustion - meet Faizal Reza

MALAYSIANS KINI | A bike builder and customiser whose passion rolls on two wheels.
  RK Anand

The ‘Puan Sri’ who fights for the environment

MALAYSIANS KINI | 'Since young I’ve always loved mother nature,’ says Shariffa Sabrina Syed Akil.
  Yeong Hui Min

I’m no freak, says ‘outsider artist’ Rahmat Haron

MALAYSIANS KINI | He is one example why we should never judge a book by its cover.
  Alyaa Azhar

The real 'Tauke' of Malaysian football

MALAYSIANS KINI | From football to politics, legend Soh Chin Aun has done it all.
  Ariv Chelvam and Zikri Kamarulzaman

Zunar - the makings of Malaysia’s most dangerous cartoonist

MALAYSIANS KINI | How a boy from Pendang, Kedah became the most notorious Malaysian political cartoonist of our time.
  Yap Jia Hee

The Best of Malaysians Kini 2016

MALAYSIANS KINI | Here's our pick of the best 10 interviews with Malaysians you should know.
  Malaysians Kini

Gerai OA empowering Orang Asli women through craft

MALAYSIANS KINI | Reita Rahim is one of the core volunteer of Gerai OA
  Harith Najmuddin & Zikri Kamarulzaman

How four teens cook up a solution to food wastage

MALAYSIANS KINI | Robin Food is a mobile app that connects food surplus to NGOs feeding the homeless.
  Geraldine Tong

Man on mission to get more brethren into gender causes

MALAYSIANS KINI | Yu Ren Chung says women sparked his interest in gender equality.
  Geraldine Tong

Organic farmer now lighting up Borneo's interiors

MALAYSIANS KINI | BK Ong does what gov'ts can't seem to do - bring basic amenities to rural areas.
  Geraldine Tong

Meet Bersih's unofficial sidekick, the Bersih Kid

MALAYSIANS KINI | A teen spreads the message of tolerance, unity as he serves breakfast at SS2 market.
  Geraldine Tong

A crusader in crutches has ‘hunger’ for Bersih 5

MALAYSIANS KINI | Meet Isaiah Jacob, who goes on a hunger strike today in his fifth Bersih struggle.
  Alyaa Azhar

Activist helps fellow Orang Ulu on rocky road to get MyKads

MALAYSIANS KINI | Mujan Jok urges politicians to aid 20,000 Orang Ulu get their MyKads.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

A doctor’s hearing loss spurs a health plan for the poor

MALAYSIANS KINI | Dr Lutfi shares his story after winning UN recognition for his work in Cambodia.
  Koh Jun Lin

Tackling medical myths in Malaysia

MALAYSIANS KINI | Among those working behind the scenes is Dr Ahmad Firdaus Mohd Haris.
  Koh Jun Lin

Rescuing memories of the Sungai Buloh leprosy settlement

MALAYSIANS KINI | Tan Ean Nee is racing against time to record the memories of the aging residents there.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Aida Redza dances to connect with communities

MALAYSIANS KINI | For Aida, every outdoor area is her stage, everyone has a story to tell.
  Susan Loone

The brains and brawn behind M’sia’s pro wrestling scene

MALAYSIANS KINI | For Shaukat, pro wrestling is more than just sports entertainment.
  Goh Cia Yee

Meet Adam, a star in M'sia's rising breed of professional gamers

MALAYSIANS KINI | His team, Fnatic, bagged RM5.6m at The International 2016, the world's biggest Dota 2 tournament.

Passion to preserve Malaysia's visual history

MALAYSIANS KINI | Trio created the online Malaysia Design Archive to preserve M'sia's visual history.
  Geraldine Tong

'Osama sent me his regards, but I wasn't interested'

MALAYSIANS KINI | Abdul Manaf was detained under the ISA for three years for alleged involvement in terror groups.
  Alyaa Azhar

Struck with hot steel, jailed under EO, PSM's Saras defines resilience

MALAYSIANS KINI | This is the story of her 31 years of political activism.

  Chris Lau

Meet Anis Syafiqah, the 'ordinary' student who wants to catch MO1

MALAYSIANS KINI | The 24-year-old just wants all Malaysians to understand that they are being oppressed.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

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