Unearthing the 25-year-old forex scandal

KINIGUIDE | The government has now set up a task force to investigate Bank Negara’s foreign exchange transactions at the time.

Quick guide to rules concerning voter's address

KINIGUIDE | EC rules say voters only have to be registered according to the MyKad address.

What really is the chemical weapon substance used to kill Jong-nam?

KINIGUIDE | Just a drop of it on your skin can kill you in minutes.

How does the press estimate crowd size at rallies?

KINIGUIDE | There's the established Jacob's method and methods involving new technology, such as Google Earth and drones.
  Geraldine Tong

A brief look at M'sia-North Korea diplomatic ties

KINIGUIDE | Diplomatic relations between the two countries was first established in June 1973.

Why is the ringgit suffering worse than its regional peers?

KINIGUIDE | The key question: Do investors have confidence in M’sia fulfilling its short-term debt obligation?

How political financing is done in other countries

KINIGUIDE | Malaysia is ranked 68th out of 167 countries in the 2015 democracy index.

KiniGuide to Orang Asli blockades in Gua Musang

KINIGUIDE | Find out why the tussle, and why it has become confrontational.

The whos and whys behind the Rohingyas' suffering

KINIGUIDE | Understanding the plight of the Myanmar people facing massacre at home.

Your KiniGuide to Security Offences (Special Measures) Act

KINIGUIDE | We give you details of this law as Maria Chin’s arrest sparks renews calls for its abolition.

Tracking the East Coast Rail Line

KINIGUIDE | Exorbitant cost, uncertain track length, lack of transparency, KiniGuide takes you through the controversy.

Ride-hailing services - are they safe?

KINIGUIDE |  How to get started as a ride-share driver, and the screening processes in place.

Here is how you actually calculate fuel prices

KINIGUIDE | We look at the pricing mechanism and walk you through the calculations.

Wading into the S'gor-Negri Sembilan water standoff

KINIGUIDE | We get our toes wet with how the Semenyih water crisis made a political splash.

Hot dog hullabaloo - getting to the meat of halal certification

KINIGUIDE | To eat or not to eat - the bone of contention Malaysiakini tries to answer.

Ouch! Guide to the FRU's newest weapon, pepperballs

KINIGUIDE | The authorities will be armed with pepperballs come Bersih 5. But what are they?

Where in the 1MDB scandal is Falcon Bank?

KINIGUIDE | One after another, Swiss prosecutors are putting banks under scrutiny.

Your KiniGuide to the redelineation exercise

KINIGUIDE | All the questions you have about redelineation but are afraid to ask.

Everything you need to know about the Zika virus

KINIGUIDE | Malaysia reported its first case of the Zika virus today. Here's what you need to know about it.

Your KiniGuide to 1MDB class action suit

KINIGUIDE | How can two people sue on behalf of the entire country?

All about anti-ageing treatments and supplements

KINIGUIDE | Malaysiakini takes a look at the desperate and costly fight to push back the advancing years.

Decoding DOJ’s filing - has it solved the 1MDB enigma?

KINIGUIDE | We trace the origins and whereabouts of the previous three 'untraceable' funds.

Who are 1MDB Officers 1, 2, 3 and the others in US list?

KINIGUIDE | They're not named in the DOJ suits, but the descriptions are telling.

A spicy 'Kari' and a US$1 billion suit

KINIGUIDE | What is the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative and what happens to the money?

KiniGuide on the South China Sea dispute

KINIGUIDE | Some points in the China-Philippines dispute came in Manila's favour, but The Hague tribunal cannot enforce it...

A guide to the laws used against Guan Eng

KINIGUIDE | Discover the legal provisions used against the Penang CM for graft and abuse of power.

The ABC of Guan Eng’s corruption charges

KINIGUIDE | What happened yesterday? What were Lim’s charges about?

Let's take a look at Hadi’s motion and hudud

KINIGUIDE | In this instalment of KiniGuide, we will dwell on these thorny issues and more.

The unmaking of 143-year-old bank BSI

KINIGUIDE | Malaysiakini looks at BSI Bank’s role in the 1MDB saga as it comes under Singapore's eagle eye.

Your KiniGuide to the Criminal Procedure Code amendments

KINIGUIDE | Know your rights in the newly revamped version.
  Koh Jun Lin

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