Censorship Board says no 'LGBTQ element' in Power Rangers movie

The movie is cleared for screening without cuts, it says after alleged hints of alternative sexuality.

East M'sian BN parties say no to Act 355

This after PM Najib's meeting with BN party leaders from Sabah and Sarawak on Wednesday, says report.

Johari, the rakyat will not give 1MDB a rest

YOURSAY | ‘So your job is to clean up 1MDB but there’s no need for the culprits to be caught and charged?’

China auto giant quits Proton bid amidst profit surge - report

SCMP reports Geely confirming this as it rakes in its highest profits in nine years.

Economic saboteurs? PM, stop creating strawmen

YOURSAY | ‘Stop blaming or pushing the blame to others for the economic problems you had created.'

'Modern day slavery' at a birds’ nest factory in Klang

SPECIAL REPORT | Indonesian workers are underpaid and afraid to break contracts threatening assets seizures.
  Malaysiakini & Tempo

Death toll rises to four, 20 injured in London ‘terrorist’ attack

A car ploughed into pedestrians and an attacker stabbed a police officer close to British parliament.

U-turn on Disney film riles deputy minister; Johor sultan cries treason

KINI ROUNDUP | Key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief.
  Kini Roundup

UK Parliament attacked, PM safe

A suspect who stabbed a policeman shot dead and scores of others injured, says report. 
  Reuters, Bernama

Thai cops seize 65kg heroin bound for Penang, arrest M'sian

Police, acting on a tip-off, waited for three days before the suspect turned up at a pre-determined location. 
  Mohd Haikal Mohd Isa, Bernama

M'sian jailed for 'spoofing' Singapore stock market

Dennis Tey Thean Yang, who worked as a remisier, was jailed 16 weeks after being found guilty on 23 stock-defrauding charges. 
  Massita Ahmad, Bernama

‘Jong-nam murder suspect playing snooker at N Korean embassy’

The suspect was caught on camera by a Japanese TV station, playing the game with others inside the embassy. 

Kelantan gov’t accuses Orang Asli body of instigation

State deputy MB says JKOASM is behind the blockades and customary land protests by the Orang Asli in the state. 

No benefit in Dr M-Nazri debate, says Perkasa chief

It is better for them to be watering plants at home than debating, says Ibrahim Ali.
  Ariv Chelvam

Use additional income for fuel subsidies, gov't told

Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli urges the gov't to stop plans to introduce weekly fuel price revisions without reintroducing subsidies.

After social media blitz, Farah Marcella receives Zakat aid

The Johor Islamic Religious Council will work with other agencies to extend aid to the 6A SPM achiever and her family.
  Anne Muhammad

Richard Branson laments treatment of gays in Malaysia

Virgin group founder says one-in-eight are born gay, and we should embrace them.
  Koh Jun Lin

Unhappy Nur Jazlan disagrees with 'Beauty and the Beast' U-turn

He says screening uncut version makes the gov't look like it bows to commercial interest of Western films.
  Annabelle Lee

Man gets jail for kissing DBKL woman enforcement officer

Cesar Jamanulla, 36, was charged with using criminal force with intent to outrage her modesty.

Kelantan Vet Dept disposes off 35,999 fowls, 14,330 eggs

This was in an operation to eradicate the H5N1 bird flu epidemic in the state.

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