The ignorant M’sians who support Hadi’s bill

COMMENT | ‘If you believe that you can co-exist peacefully in a theocratic state, then you are truly ignorant.’
  S Thayaparan

‘Bogus Potus’ - Part II

Politics, policies and policing.
  KJ John

What have they got against Muslim women?

Treated as if she were a brainless, sexual object.
  Mariam Mokhtar

Dr M not the only one to blame…

When demonising rivals, parties also demonise communities.
  S Thayaparan

Can Potus trump PMOM?

The Malaysian people are the ‘sure-fire losers’.
  Dean Johns

Breaking the silence on Act 355

A serial rapist is punished less than those committing khalwat/zina.
  Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman

The DAP's prolonged amateur hour

‘When comrades leave the fold, they should not be vilified.’
  S Thayaparan

How lucky! Malay Muslims don’t need to think

‘Maybe that’s why we need others to help do our thinking for us.’
  Zan Azlee

Yes, Malaysians are a tolerant people...

‘‘Tolerance’ is in itself a loathsome word lacking empathy.’
  S Thayaparan

‘Bogus Potus’ - Part I

Creating problems for honest and true public servants.
  KJ John

Stop gazing at the crystal ball to see the next PM

Opposition politicians are falling into a trap.
  Mariam Mokhtar

Rafizi Ramli’s Malay dilemma

‘You can’t do the same thing Umno does but with less cash.’
  S Thayaparan

Be my Vladentine?

Donald loves Trump, but also Vladimir?
  Dean Johns

Time to redress race and religion

How can M’sians find that middle ground we need?
  Syerleena Abdul Rashid

Can Zaid make DAP more convivial to Malays?

‘Zaid does not need to be part of the political circus.’
  S Thayaparan

All eyes on the American Muslim community

Conveying a message of positivity.
  Zan Azlee

Yes, Malaysia is in a state of failing

‘In the M’sian context, nobody comes out clean.’
  S Thayaparan

Real copycats

Facing a modernised world with an archaic worldview.
  KJ John

PAS’ election gimmick

Why did Kelantan make this polygamous ruling?
  Mariam Mokhtar

Drugs, death and our forgotten children

Drug mules face the ultimate punishment.
  S Thayaparan

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