Hannah Yeoh: The accidental politician

'Becoming Hannah' can be seen as a book about us who have no political inclinations, who moan about the country.
  Mariam Mokhtar

Differences and similarities in opposition, BN culture

‘Is there a difference between the opposition and the establishment?’
  S Thayaparan

A mess of mad messiahs

Symptom of monomania or even full-blown messiahmania.
  Dean Johns

Goodbye Proton, hello Geely!

My Proton Satria didn’t last very long...
  Zan Azlee

Will there be transparency in KL SEA Games funds?

Make Games accounts available for public scrutiny.
  R Nadeswaran

PSM and saving Malaysia from a kakistocracy

If you’re wondering what's ‘kakistocracy’, please google it.
  S Thayaparan

Who should be PM if Pakatan wins?

It shouldn’t be one of the three Ms.
  P Gunasegaram

‘Who killed Thaqif?’

We cannot be too fate-full in our theology. 
  KJ John

Ultimately military loyalty is to the people of M’sia

'Our oath goes far beyond loyalty to the gov’t.’
  S Thayaparan

Do all roads have to lead to China?

No, but it’s manna from the Heavenly Kingdom.
  P Gunasegaram

The ‘not so talented’ TalentCorp?

M’sians concerned about fulfilling their potential.
  Mariam Mokhtar

Politicians should not play the rigged religious game

‘If you truly are a secular politician, leave your faith at the door.’
  S Thayaparan

Three key reasons why Harapan should name PM candidate

Opposition parties have a very small margin of error.
  Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman

What drove Mat Over ... over the edge?

Was he trying to gain brownie points with the PM?
  Zan Azlee

KiniTV prosecution shows gov’t has scant regard for truth

‘The KiniTV news can’t even be doctored...’
  P Gunasegaram

Perkasa, you should worry that Najib is a Manchurian candidate

‘Perkasa is waging a muddled war on two fronts...’
  S Thayaparan

When journalists are penalised for doing their job

We ask questions, sometimes difficult and embarrassing.
  R Nadeswaran

Can we stop another Thaqif incident?

‘Who is actually doing what, in Malaysia?’
  Mariam Mokhtar

Here’s how gov’t can make RM90b from Bandar Malaysia

Enough to cover the 1MDB hole, with spare change.
  P Gunasegaram

Humpty Trumpty’s incumbent fall

Selfish, self-interested ways to winning is his worldview.
  KJ John

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