A new wave of ‘modern-day slavery’ in M’sia

YOURSAY | ‘The root problem is our labour laws and the way 'slave labour' is brought into...’

PAS, the voters put Azmin into MB's office, not you

YOURSAY | 'You forgot the S'gor voters were the ones who had gotten PAS where it is in the first place.'

‘Based on what Idris Jala describes, we should be the best in Asia’

YOURSAY | ‘My measurement is the food I consume becoming more expensive by the day.’

NEP turns Malaysia into a dysfunctional society

YOURSAY | ‘When the country has racial policies, how do you expect the people to be united?’

Yes, Nik Abduh, things have changed, PAS no longer humble

YOURSAY | ‘Of course, PAS will take over Selangor - with the help of BN.’

A Trumpesque revelation by Najib on Lahad Datu

YOURSAY | ‘The PM has apparently become a good disciple of Donald Trump.’

Pua, keep on rattling the cage until we get answers

YOURSAY | ‘It is high time the gov’t extricates its head from the sand and face the real world.’

Johari, the rakyat will not give 1MDB a rest

YOURSAY | ‘So your job is to clean up 1MDB but there’s no need for the culprits to be caught and charged?’

Economic saboteurs? PM, stop creating strawmen

YOURSAY | ‘Stop blaming or pushing the blame to others for the economic problems you had created.'

How can 1MDB settle loans with neither assets nor income?

YOURSAY | ‘And strangely, Jho ‘Eric Tan’ Low, and their principals cannot be found.’

Forces working hard against Nazri-Mahathir debate

YOURSAY | ‘As expected, they will never allow the debate to happen…’

Instead of parking lot, build a tugu on May 13 burial ground

YOURSAY | ‘They can build a car park over it, but the hidden memories of the unmourned won't go away.’

Rosmah, forget your handbag, show us Permata’s accounts

YOURSAY | ‘We want to know how Permata spent those hundreds of millions allocated to it.’

When MO1 talks about corruption in M'sia...

YOURSAY | ‘Had it not been for 'the donation', M'sia would probably climb 45 spots on TI’s index.’

Johari can get 1MDB 'full picture' directly from MO1

YOURSAY | 'You mean the S’pore court charged the alleged 1MDB-linked culprits without the full picture?'

Have consensus on reforms before mulling wider opposition pact

YOURSAY | ‘The opposition cannot afford to grope in the dark any more.’

But Permata is not a gov’t agency in S Korea

YOURSAY | ‘Unless Rosmah has something to hide, why can't Permata publish its audited yearly accounts.’

Can Mahathir unite the disparate opposition?

YOURSAY | ‘There’s no secret to BN’s success. They have the means and currency to motivate.’

Reclaimed land or not, it still belongs to M'sia

YOURSAY | ‘Anuar, you have singlehandedly managed to draw attention to your stupidity...’

Why M'sians must defend our constitution

YOURSAY | ‘We have something that no other Muslim-majority country has - a functioning democracy…’

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