If no one has taken Aabar’s US$3.5b, where is it now?

YOURSAY | ‘How did 1MDB lose the arbitration with IPIC, and has to pay the full amount?’

Why pay IPIC, again, when 1MDB did no wrong?

YOURSAY | IPIC says, ‘Looks like me, sounds like me, but not paid to me.’

If Najib not a public officer, then what is he?

YOURSAY | ‘Poetic justice has been served again on Dr M for castrating the judiciary.’

Opposition must win first before it can bring change

YOURSAY | ‘The Malays have for too long been in their handout entitlement stupor.’

Johari forced to eat humble pie over IPIC-1MDB settlement

YOURSAY | ‘And don’t expect them to investigate double payments to IPIC.’

Malaysians eat poison fruit of the racism tree

YOURSAY | 'If Muslims want others to respect Islam, they must respect other religions too.'

If ministers are to resign for stupidity, there'd be no gov't left

YOURSAY | 'Ku Nan is there for his loyalty, not his brains, and should be summarily ignored.'

Our tears flow freely for Mohamad Thaqif

YOURSAY | ‘We know no action will be taken. And life will go on, until the next child dies.’

Is MO1 paying 1MDB debt with our tax money?

YOURSAY | ‘In no time, M’sia will be left with nothing but debts for our future generations.’

Black swans or not, the opposition must work together

YOURSAY | ‘Since losing the 2013 GE, what have the opposition done to salvage themselves?’

'PM, we're hurting despite the low cost of living'

YOURSAY | ‘A plunging ringgit makes cost of living comparisons across countries favourable for M'sia.’

Should racist Universiti Malaya lecturer be sacked?

YOURSAY | ‘Universities are supposed to be the bastion of ethical behaviour.’

Umno's Zakirmania shows utter contempt for its BN partners

YOURSAY | 'Will MIC raise the issue of Zakir Naik's permanent residency?'

Instead of poems, Asri should rally in front of Indian embassy

YOURSAY | If you are man enough... you would also want the Umno gov't to sever all ties with India.

Permaisuri gives M’sians a speck of light in a long, long tunnel

YOURSAY | ‘Respect is having a big heart to love and being kind to others.’

Politicians beware, smartphones are everywhere

YOURSAY | ‘BN is worried of young and intelligent Malays and they are trying to ‘kill’ Zairil and Dyana politically.’

Zakir latest in a string of extremists M’sia has harboured

YOURSAY | ‘Abu Bakar Bashir, a radical Islamist from Indonesia, was given sanctuary by the gov’t earlier.’

Why not stop collecting taxes in non-BN constituencies, too?

YOURSAY | ‘Here’s a typical example of an unscrupulous gov’t using our monies as ransom for our votes.’

Instant PR for an Indian, red ICs for some M’sians

YOURSAY | ‘The police in Zakir’s own country want to talk to him. Why do we want to protect him?’

Indians still stateless after 50 years of MIC-BN

YOURSAY | 'As they say, Indian lives don't matter, only their votes do.'

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